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Our superpower is empowering business owners to transform their sales and grow their business.

Using our tried and true training program, we work with you to uncover sustainable value, tap proven short cuts, and achieve your goals. Together, we take off the training wheels and reach for the success you crave and deserve.

If you’re feeling stuck right now, this is your sweet spot where the magic and breakthroughs happen. Let’s work together so you can experience success with ease and grace.

FFS Media Kit - 11.16.2020

Meet Your Superhero Team

Lynn Bio Double

Lynn Whitbeck


Who I Am

One thing I’ve learned over the years since founding Petite2Queen and Future Forward Sales is that I am passionate about supporting and helping individuals become the very best version of themselves. I’ve LOVED empowering so many people to show up as their very best self in life and in their career.

Using my experience and skills I’ve cultivated over years of corporate life, I am focused on catapulting sales teams and educating individuals every day to superior performance and success. I am committed to lifting business leaders with the ingredients for growth and a profitable sales recipe.

About My Background

My career began in sales, and soon I was closing multi-million dollar deals with Fortune 1,000 companies. Using my sales and leadership success I moved into executive positions and eventually the C-suite.

Expert Focus

I’ve been on hundreds of podcasts, and featured in USA Today, HuffPost, and the Chicago Tribune, sharing my insights on sales and leadership.

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Amanda Bio Double

Amanda Whitbeck


Who I Am

When I first joined Petite2Queen, I was excited at the opportunity to research and write about many of the life and workplace issues I care about. Over time, this role grew into speaking on webinars and our weekly podcast.

Through it all, I’ve only become more passionate about helping others by providing them with the information and resources they need to advance in their careers and lives. At Petite2Queen, I use my strengths to drive our company and our clients forward.

About My Background

After earning my master’s degree in Global Entertainment & Music Business, I worked in journalism and music publishing sales before moving into an expanding role at Petite2Queen.

Expert Focus

As VP of Operations, I keep the big picture in mind and ensure that all the moving parts are working together; I make sure nothing is overlooked.

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Rachel Bio Double

Rachel Whitbeck


Who I Am

Petite2Queen is all about helping people achieve fulfilling lives and careers, and that is exactly what I love doing.

As the Content Director, I provide research and written materials for our projects, and I use my experience in teaching college students to structure our courses and workshops to keep them engaging and useful. I also appear on many webinars and podcasts and write articles, all aimed toward helping people reach their dreams.

I’m excited to help your team achieve new heights! >:)

About My Background

I am currently working toward earning my PhD in Sociology; my research concentrates on organizational structures and where they succeed and fail to meet the needs of marginalized groups.

Expert Focus

As Content Director, I focus on writing and researching in order to provide people the tools and information they need to achieve their goals.

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