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The Very Beginning with Lynn Whitbeck

In Podcast by Future Forward Sales

Do you want to reach your fullest sales potential? At Future Forward Sales, we care about helping you achieve sales success, and one way we do that is with our podcast: Each episode features another business leader’s journey to success. Hear about Lynn’s Journey and Passion in Our Podcast Below: In our inaugural episode, we feature our very own Lynn …

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Corporate Career Courage: How to Excel as a Leader

In Blog, Tier 2 by Future Forward Sales

Are you looking to increase your leadership skills? Ever wonder how the best corporate leaders got to where they are in their careers? Sure, some people have natural leadership skills, but you can also hone your inner leader by learning and practicing. As part of her Corporate Career Courage series in late 2019, Chelsea Behrens interviewed Petite2Queen CEO Lynn Whitbeck …

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How 11 Power Skills Will Swiftly Boost Your Career

In Blog, Tier 1 by Future Forward Sales

In 2019, we were glad to have sales leader Patrick Carter join us for a podcast about the retail apocalypse. That discussion went so well that we now get Patrick back for a whole 12-part series! To kick off this series, he and our CEO Lynn introduce listeners to the 11 power skills you need to boost your sales career. …