Better, More Effective Communication with M3E Change Associates’ Margaret Ng

Better, More Effective Communication with M3E Change Associates’ Margaret Ng

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Our Future Forward Sales podcast helps our audience learn how and be inspired to reach their full potential in their sales performance. With each episode, the audience is introduced to a new business leader who shares how they built successful businesses and careers.

Learn about management consulting by watching the podcast below!

In this episode, we meet Margaret Ng, Change Management and Organizational Development Principal at M3E Change Associate Inc. Margaret is an organizational psychologist and certified change management professional, as well as a mother to two. She founded M3E Change in 2017 to provide management consulting in specializing in educational and virtual workplace technologies, large IT system implementations, and process redesign and harmonization, among many other services. With COVID keeping so many of us at home, M3E is currently focused on helping school districts and educators to convert lesson plans, update processes and procedures, and teach techniques to ensure every child receives an engaging and fulfilling virtual education.

To learn more about Margaret’s incredible career, we asked her

  1. How she got into management consulting;
  2. How Margaret creates new opportunities to best serve her clients;
  3. How she uses her flexibility to come up with innovative solutions;
  4. What sets M3E apart from other consulting firms;
  5. Where Margaret envisions M3E will be in a few years and how she will get there; and
  6. What she is most passionate about.

To learn about Margaret’s incredible journey, listen to the podcast below! You’re sure to find inspiration is her story.

If you want to see more from Margaret, you can connect with her on LinkedIn and check out M3E Change Associate, Inc.

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