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Welcome Emails Sequence

As entrepreneurs, we need systems, methods, and process that work for us.

Time and hassle saved allows us to focus on the other hats we wear. An automated welcome sequence is a must-have. Depending on your business, you may have multiple versions based on the subscriber entry point.

A welcome email sequence allows you to introduce yourself, share value, and demonstrate your gratitude. Your tone should be authentic, be genuine, and reflect your brand. You will significantly reduce churn or unsubscribes with a good welcome sequence. It's easy to get someone to accept your free lead magnet; the key factor to email list growth is holding onto them.

Welcome Email Sequence Best Practices:

  • Establish Expectations – include the line, “I will be offering free and paid offers” in the first email in your welcome sequence.

  • Let your audience in - to know more about you as an individual. This helps create an emotional connection as human beings. It establishes the know, like, and trust factors with your subscribers.

  • Deliver value – provide additional free perks or resources.

  • Ask a yes/no question early – request a response to an easy question to drive initial engagement.

  • Remind subscriber about their “why” – why they subscribed and the value you will deliver to your subscribers.
  • Provide social proof – include testimonial quotes, posts, and/or media links.
  • Add an option for subscribers to opt-out of a sequence (such as the welcome sequence), yet remain a subscriber.

  • Thank and celebrate the subscriber – reinforce the great decision they made to become a subscriber.

Improve your open, click-through, and unsubscribe rates with your welcome email sequence. While you will always lose a few subscribers who only wanted the free lead magnet, starting your relationship with a strong welcome sequence will form a lasting foundation with your new subscriber. You are building connectivity one email at a time, along with operating towards the principle of reciprocity.


Download the sample welcome email sequence template which you can easily modify and make your own.

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