Brand Building Strategies with Mirus Agency Julie Seal-Gaustad

Brand Building Strategies with Mirus Agency Julie Seal-Gaustad

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At Future Forward Sales, we’re passionate about helping our clients and audience reach their full sales potential to grow their businesses. That’s why we do the Future Forward Sales podcast – each episode is an opportunity to hear the story of a business leader’s journey toward success.

Watch our interview with Julie Seal-Gaustad to discover how to build your brand!

In this episode, we meet Julie Seal-Gaustad, CEO and Founder of Mirus Agency. With Mirus, Julie helps businesses build their brands through meaningful and engaging customer experiences. Launching in 2009 with just one client and as a solopreneur, Julie and Mirus Agency now represent over 200 brands across the country, online and offline, providing thousands of jobs each year. By focusing on providing fulfilling experiences to clients’ customers, Julie and her team help businesses engage, build loyalty, and create meaningful relationships with local customers, bringing more business to the clients. Of course, with COVID-19 pushing cities and states into lockdown, Julie has had to reinvent her company to continue fulfilling her mission in a virtual landscape.

To learn about Julie’s incredible journey, we asked

  1. How Julie got into marketing and brand-building;
  2. How she provides new opportunities for her clients;
  3. How Julie uses her flexibility to think of unique ideas;
  4. What sets Mirus Agency apart from others in the industry;
  5. Where Julie sees Mirus Agency in a few years and what the journey there looks like; and
  6. What Julie is most passionate about.

If you want to learn how meaningful experiences can build a brand and enhance a reputation, listen to this episode of the Future Forward Sales podcast!

To learn more about Julie’s journey and business, you can find her on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Check out Mirus Agency while you’re at it!

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