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4 Rules to Knock Your Presentation Out of the Park

In Blog, Tier 2 by Lynn Whitbeck

Presentations are an everyday occurrence in any position. They run the gamut of simple one-offs in the hallway at work to conference sessions with hundreds in the audience. Regardless of whether you are catching your manager on the run or making a formal sales presentation to a group, there are four rules you must follow to deliver a powerful communication and …

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4 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Sales Business Travel

In Blog, Tier 2 by Amanda Whitbeck

Many of us have to travel for our jobs, whether to meet with clients or attend conferences and tradeshows. Business travel can be hectic and stressful, but it can also be an enjoyable, positive experience if you know how to do it. Not sure how you’ll do on your next business trip? Here are some tips on how to get …