Corporate Career Courage: How to Excel as a Leader

Corporate Career Courage: How to Excel as a Leader

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Are you looking to increase your leadership skills? Ever wonder how the best corporate leaders got to where they are in their careers? Sure, some people have natural leadership skills, but you can also hone your inner leader by learning and practicing.

As part of her Corporate Career Courage series in late 2019, Chelsea Behrens interviewed Petite2Queen CEO Lynn Whitbeck about how to excel as a leader and build up your confidence. Lynn talks about how she defines leadership, her 4 principles of an authentic and effective leader, and different leadership styles. She believes that “compelling leadership is born out of your beliefs, behaviors, and actions.” She also touches on how to prepare for a stellar presentation – that knowing your facts, brevity, demonstrating why people should be listening to you, and enthusiasm are keys to being memorable.

Lynn gives examples from her own career in executive corporate leadership to illustrate how to excel as a leader. Many times she has found herself to be the “only woman in the room” and she gives advice on how to deal with this.

Lynn was previously a guest on Chelsea’s video interview series, “Leading With Authenticity.”

Do you want to become a better leader? Watch the interview with Lynn and Chelsea below:

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