Growth Through Innovation and Experimentation with Alejandro Rioja

Growth Through Innovation and Experimentation with Alejandro Rioja

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Do you want to learn how to build a successful business? You’ve come to the right place! Future Forward Sales is dedicated to helping our clients and audience achieve the full potential in selling their products and services. Our podcast features a new business leader each week to tell us about how they built their companies from the ground up.

Check out our fascinating conversation with Alejandro below!

This time, we spoke with growth expert Alejandro Rioja. Alejandro is a growth marketer at Samsara, where he has increased direct and influenced pipelines several times over. In his off time, Alejandro is a serial entrepreneur, most known for founding Flux Ventures, a holdings company that owns: 1) Flux Chargers, the top rated and best selling power bank in over 90 countries; 2) Flux.LA, a software and marketing consulting; 3) Flux Capital, an investment firm, and 4) Young Slacker Media, a series of popular websites (like FutureSharks, and The Insurance Nerd). When Alejandro isn’t growing and promoting projects, you can find him rapping on Soundcloud.

We wanted to learn more about how Alejandro has grown so many businesses. We asked him

  1. How Alejandro began marketing;
  2. How he creates fresh opportunities for clients and customer;
  3. How he uses his flexibility to develop novel ideas;
  4. What makes up Alejandro’s “secret sauce,” which sets him apart from other marketers and entrepreneurs;
  5. Where he sees himself in the years to come and how he plans to get there; and
  6. What Alejandro is most passionate about.

If you want to get inspired by Alejandro’s journey and drive, listen to the episode below!

If you want to connect with Alejandro, you can find him on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and on his own website. If you’re more interested in his rapper persona, you can follow him on Instagram and, of course, Soundcloud.

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