Human-Centered Design with Bonsai Media Group's Jason LaBa‪w‬

Human-Centered Design with Bonsai Media Group’s Jason LaBa‪w‬

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There are a lot of ingredients involved in creating a successful business and sales career. The Future Forward Sales podcast is here to help you with a couple of them: inspiration and motivation. Each week, we invite a business leader on to share their story of building their business from start to success.

Find out how and why Jason LaBaw takes a human-centered approach to digital marketing by watching our interview!

This episode features Jason LaBaw, Founder and CEO of Bonsai Media Group, a full-service internet marketing firm. He launched Bonsai Media Group with a couple of other gritty entrepreneurs, co-founders Gus Zadra and Elliott Omlin. They specialized in web design at a time when there wasn’t a lot of great web design going on. Their secret weapon was that their sites were search engine optimized right out of the box! A few years later, Bonsai Media Group became the digital marketing firm they are today. Today, Jason is also working on SocialBee, an experiential marketing platform. SocialBee will allow customers to find, buy, and experience adventures in augmented reality, like guided tours and hikes.

We wanted to learn more about Jason’s projects, so we asked him

  1. How he go into internet marketing and experiential marketing;
  2. How Jason creates new opportunities with both Bonsai Media Group and SocialBee to best serve his customers;
  3. Where he leverages his flexibility to think innovatively;
  4. What sets Bonsai Media Group apart from other internet marketing firms, and what will make SocialBee special;
  5. Where Jason envisions Bonsai Media Group and SocialBe will be in a few years, and how we will get there; and
  6. What he is most passionate about.

If you want to learn how Jason stays innovative in digital marketing, check out our conversation below!

To hear more from Jason, you can find him on LinkedIn and Twitter! You can also check out Bonsai Media Group on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And you can head over SocialBee!

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