Innovative Enterprises that Impact the World with BrainSquall's Mark Bullard

Innovative Enterprises that Impact the World with BrainSquall’s Mark Bullard

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Here at Future Forward Sales, we are committed to helping our audience reach new summits in their sales success. We host the Future Forward Sales podcast in pursuit of this goal: Each episode provides another opportunity to learn from business leaders who have built their companies from the ground up to achieve great things.

Learn how Mark Bullard impacts the world with BrainSquall by watching our interview!

We had the pleasure of speaking with Mark Bullard, Founder of BrainSquall. After 25 years of experience in Sales, Marketing, Professional Services and Customer Success, Mark finally built the application he had always wished he had: BrainSquall is a Customer Intelligence Mapping tool that allows top performing Sales Executives working on large scale, highly valuable, complex deals to map all of the stakeholders involved in the deal. BrainSquall allows users to diagram a data-enriched organization chart of all the stakeholders at each prospect. Users are then able to see who reports to whom and track who attended which meetings, keep notes on each of them, and track their position on your products. All of this in a simple, single view that users can share with colleagues who need support to close the deal fast.

To learn more about what Mark does with BrainSquall and where he’s taking it, we asked

  1. How he decided to make customer intelligence mapping app;
  2. How he provides his customers with new opportunities; 
  3. Where Mark leverages flexibility to think innovatively; 
  4. What sets BrainSquall apart from its competitors; 
  5. Where Mark sees BrainSquall in a few years and how he plans to get there; and
  6. What he is most passionate about.

Listen to this episode of the Future Forward Sales podcast to learn more about how Mark is helping sales professionals up their game!

To learn more about Mark Bullard, you can connect with him on LinkedIn! You should also check out BrainSquall at their website and on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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