Insightful Business Management with Dryrun’s Blaine Bertsch

Insightful Business Management with Dryrun’s Blaine Bertsch

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Future Forward Sales is committed to helping our clients and audience reach new summits in their sales journey. Our podcast is one way we do this, with each episode highlighting a different business leader who shares their story of entrepreneurial triumph.

Watch our episode with Dryrun CEO & Co-Founder Blaine Bertsch below!

This episode features Blaine Bertsch, CEO & Co-Founder of Dryrun, a software company that provides a highly visual and real time display of a company’s present and future cash flows. As CEO, Blaine oversees the strategic direction and core operations for Dryrun and the software platform. He is also responsible for the application’s beautiful design. With 15 years’ experience as an entrepreneur of several companies, Blaine understands the needs of business owners. That understanding has influenced every aspect of Dryrun’s development. In 2019, Blaine published his first book with the oddly prescient title Pandemic Cash Flow, which offers guidance for entrepreneurs to avoid fatal cash flow issues.

To discover more about Blaine’s journey, we asked him

  1. How he get into software design;
  2. How Blaine offers new opportunities in serving his customers;
  3. How he leverages flexibility to be innovative;
  4. What sets Blaine and Dryrun apart from competitors;
  5. Where he sees Dryrun in a few years and what that journey will look like; and
  6. What Blaine is most passionate about.

To hear Blaine’s answers and his fascinating journey, check out the episode below!

And if you want to learn more about Blaine, you can connect with him on LinkedIn and Facebook. You can also check out Dryrun and Pandemic Cash Flow.

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