Legal Startup Answers with Go Legal Yourself's Kelly Bagla

Legal Startup Answers with Go Legal Yourself’s Kelly Bagla

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We often learn by example, and this can include learning how to make your business a success! Our Future Forward Sales podcast features a different business leader in each episode, and these leaders share their stories of building their companies from start to success.

Learn How Kelly Help Entrepreneurs with the Legal Parts of starting a business!

This episode features Kelly Bagla, business attorney and CEO of Go Legal Yourself. Go Legal Yourself helps entrepreneurs start and grow their business the right way, without breaking the bank or wasting precious time.As an entrepreneur herself, Kelly is empathetic to the needs of start-ups. That’s why she and her team work to save their customers time and money while ensuring that they have all of the documents they need to build and protect their businesses. Kelly also authored her book, also called Go Legal Yourself, to provide a guide for entrepreneurs throughout their legal lifecycles.

To learn more about Kelly’s mission to help start-ups grow and protect themselves, we asked her

  1. How her journey led her to creating Go Legal Yourself;
  2. How Kelly and her team serve their customers with fresh opportunities;
  3. The ways in which she innovates her field;
  4. What sets Go Legal Yourself apart from the industry;
  5. Where Kelly sees Go Legal Yourself a few years down the line and what she’ll do to get there; and
  6. What Kelly is most passionate about.

To learn how Kelly provides legal protection to her entrepreneurial customers, give this episode a listen! You’re sure to learn something useful.

To learn more about Kelly and Go Legal Yourself, you can find her on LinkedIn and Instagram and check out You can also get her book, Go Legal Yourself.

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