Local Marketing with South Street & Co's Kaitlyn Stud‪y‬

Local Marketing with South Street & Co.’s Kaitlyn Stud‪y‬

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The Future Forward Sales podcast aims to provide our listeners with the inspiration and motivation they need to take their businesses to the next level. We do this by introducing a different business leader in each episode, who shares the story of how they built their company from the ground up.

Learn about how Kaitlyn Study keeps marketing transparent with her agency, South Street & Co. – watch her interview!

Kaitlyn Study, Owner and Creative Director of South Street & Co., is the start of this episode. Kaitlyn founded South Street & Co., a marketing agency, in 2014 because believed she could help small business owners. Her inspiration was seeing the copious amounts of marketing agencies that failed business owners by developing ineffective marketing strategies. Many of these marketing companies would make false promises to small business owners and attract their business by creating unreal expectations. Kaitlyn wanted to be different, and she takes pride in being transparent by walking her clients step-by-step through projects. She aims for her clients to be satisfied, enriched, and excited about South Street & Co.’s marketing strategies and successes.

We wanted to hear more about Kaitlyn’s inspiration to create a new type if marketing agency, so we asked her

  1. How she discovered her talent and interest in marketing;
  2. How she provides her clients with new opportunities;
  3. The areas in which Kaitlyn stays innovative and flexible;
  4. What sets South Street & Co. apart from other marketing agencies;
  5. Where Kaitlyn sees South Strete & Co. in a few years and how she plans to get there; and
  6. What she is most passionate about.

You can learn how Kaitlyn innovates marketing in her interview on this episode of the Future Forward Sales podcast. Give it a listen!

If you want to learn more about Kaitlyn, you can find her on LinkedIn. You can also check out South Street & Co. on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram!

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