Making Connections and Pushing Innovations in the Legal Industry with Miller IP Law's Devin Miller

Making Connections and Pushing Innovations in the Legal Industry with Miller IP Law’s Devin Miller

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Future Forward Sales is committed to helping our clients and audience reach new heights in their sales careers. This is why we showcase a new business leader in every episode of our podcast – to show the various paths that can be taken to entrepreneurial success.

Watch our episode with IP Attorney Devin Miller!

Devin Miller joins us in this episode as we talk about networking and innovation in the legal industry. Devin is a patent attorney and the Founder and CEO of Miller IP Law, where he focuses on the needs and intellectual property of start-ups and small businesses. Devin is a serial entrepreneur himself, so he has first-hand knowledge of how stressful starting a business can be – which is why he wanted to become a resource to other start-ups. He assists these small businesses with patenting, trademarking, and copyrighting to protect their intellectual property and give them leverage in growing their companies. Miller IP Laws has helped startups and small businesses protect and grow businesses in industries including wearables, medical devices, mason jars, and more. 

We wanted to learn all about what Devin does, so we asked

  1. How his journey lead him to practicing IP law in service of start-up companies;
  2. How Devin provides his clients new opportunities;
  3. How he maintains flexibility to think outside the box;
  4. What sets Miller IP Law apart from the rest of the industry;
  5. Where Devin sees Miller IP Law in the next few years and how he will get there; and
  6. What Devin is most passionate about.

To learn about Devin’s journey and how he protects start-up companies, listen to this episode of the Future Forward Sales podcast!

If you would like to hear more from Devin, you can connect with him on LinkedIn or check out Miller IP Law. You’re sure to learn something useful!

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