Navigating the Amazon Eco-System with AMZ Atlas's Corey Thomas

Navigating the Amazon Eco-System with AMZ Atlas’s Corey Thomas

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Watch our interview with Corey Thomas to learn how he helps his clients navigate the complex Amazon ecosystem!

We were lucky enough to speak with Corey Thomas, Founder & CEO of AMZ Atlas. AMZ Atlas helps their clients navigate Amazon’s complex ecosystem with custom solutions for each situation. Corey has been engaged with the Amazon world for a decade, and he built a multimillion dollar reselling account on the website before directing his attention to a fast-growing Amazon direct-import business. In 2016, he founded one of the first Amazon Exclusive Agencies to help companies become competitive on the Amazon marketplace. Today, Corey’s leadership ensures that AMZ Atlas offers the most reliable and flexible services available to their clients.

We wanted to learn more about Corey’s secret to success, so we asked him

  1. How he became an expert on the Amazon marketplace;
  2. How Corey and his team creates new opportunities to best serve their clients;
  3. Where he maintains flexibility to think innovatively;
  4. What sets AMZ Atlas apart from other Amazon Agencies; 
  5. Where Corey sees AMZ Atlas in a few years and how he plans to get there; and
  6. What he is most passionate about.

Hear how Corey keeps his clients competitive on Amazon by listening to our interview below!

To learn more from and about Corey, you can connect with him on LinkedIn. You can also check out AMZ Atlas on their website and on LinkedIn.

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