Performance Marketing with Apiary Digital's Karen Amundso‪n‬

Performance Marketing with Apiary Digital’s Karen Amundson

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Why do a podcast? To provide inspiration for entrepreneurs and sales professionals, of course! The Future Forward Sales podcast shines the spotlight on a different business leader in each episode to hear their story of success. These varied paths show that there is more than one way to build a business!

Learn how real-life apiaries inspired the model of Karen Amundson’s collective of marketing professionals by watching this episode!

Karen Amundson, Founder and CEO of Apiary Digital, is the star of this episode. Apiary Digital is a collective of experienced professionals dedicated to delivering performance marketing solutions for growing brands. In her role, Karen masterfully matches her clients with stellar teams of marketers from Apiary’s collective. The word “Apiary” means a collection of beehives, perfectly reflecting the collective’s model of working closely together to support each client with their own hive. Karen was able to transform her work-and-travel life into a flourishing business – listen to the interview to find out how!

We wanted to hear more about Karen’s path with Apiary Digital, so we asked her

  1. How she decided to form a marketing collective;
  2. How Karen creates new opportunities when serving her clients;
  3. Where she focuses her flexibility and innovation;
  4. How Apiary Digital distinguishes itself in the industry;
  5. What Karen envisions for the future of Apiary Digital and how she will achieve that vision; and
  6. What Karen is most passionate about.

To learn more about Karen’s vision for and journey with Apiary Digital, listen to our interview with her! You won’t bee-lieve the inspiration you’ll garner!

You can learn more about the creative hive by buzzing on over Apiary Digital and finding them on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can also connect with Karen on LinkedIn!

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