#4: How to get a LOT more podcast bookings on other shows.


This is my second-to-final video for you and I KNOW you've been looking forward to this one! In this video:

  • I reveal my secrets to how I've gotten on tons of podcasts as a guest myself.
  • I share how you can be a guest on lots of podcasts.
  • This is the secret sauce for your sales funnel and you will not want to miss this video.

Being a guest on podcasts can be life-changing, add valuable assets to your sales outreach, and, best of all, drive warm inbound traffic for your business.

  • I've been on lots of shows (and 120+ of my own), and it's about all we do for marketing.
  • Just keep serving audiences.
  • It's a good creed to live by in business.

This video will provide you with a roadmap on how to be a guest on lots of podcasts. This is the ultimate method to drive warm inbound inquiries without spending one penny on advertising.

Video #1

Who our audience is and how to tailor your message for maximum impact.

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How to look and sound ahhh…mazing on video!

Video #3

How to sell effectively to our audience. (Yes you read that right.)

Video #5

What questions I’ll ask you and the style of response that will yield the most views and shares.