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Lynn knows what works today

The training and working with Lynn and her team has been so impactful for us. One thing I love about the program is that Lynn knows what works today. And because Lynn works with some really large, prestigious organizations, she has access to intel that the average business owner does not have. Lynn and her team bring an expertise that is just really hard to figure out when you are soloing your own sales activities. I am so very grateful for what they teach and the leadership Lynn brings to working with our sales team.

Josh Elledge, Founder and CEO of Up My Influence

Every dollar you spend is well invested working with Lynn

When I work with you, Lynn, and your team at Future Forward Sales, you make it easy to work with you. I know that you and your team are as committed to whatever the end product is as I and my team are. I know that the way Lynn thinks, the way that she will challenge your team to look at their performance, look at their focus, and look at their effort. Then she will elicit even greater responses and greater performances. Trust me, have the conversation with Lynn and hear how she can help your team get to places where you aren't even thinking of at this point. Every dollar that you spend on developing and building your market is well invested working with Future Forward Sales.

Patrick G. Carter, Founder and CEO of Elite Sales Institute


Future Forward Sales brings us up to that next level

The good communication, the collaboration, the good critical thinking, as well as the creative thinking that Lynn and her team deliver is a really enjoyable experience. Even if you feel like you have a lot of experience, there's ways to refresh. Just because you've attracted good talent, the next step is, how do you continue to develop this great team that you've brought forward? Investing in this sales training where you can talk about the logistics of sales training, the diplomacy, the vocabulary, the messaging of sales, and the psychology of sales -- that's all built into this program. It brings us up to that next level for retention and for loyalty, but also for the success of everyone, and ultimately, the success of the clients that we serve.

Christina Marie Kimball, Founder & CEO of Artful Thinking


We increased our sales 29% in one year

Lynn helped us increase our sales 29% in one year, strengthen our client relationships, and expand our brand awareness without impacting our customer acquisition cost.

Kevin Lombardo, CEO of DORN

You can always rely on Lynn to get results

Lynn is so thorough that everyone is always so impressed. I relied on her strong sales and management skills.

I was so impressed with her that I recruited her a couple of additional times. I have asked her to help me lead and manage other companies.

She is smart, works well with others and you can always rely on her to get results.

Keith Larson, CFO/CBO of Allhealth Network

Chelsea Behrens
My audience raved about her expertise

Lynn helps her clients think strategically about sales planning. In doing so, she helps them save time, money, and resources while effectively connecting to their customer's "why." I hosted Lynn on two of my online shows about leadership and my audience raved about her expertise in leadership, relationship building, and professional development.

Chelsea Behrens, Senior Solutions Consultant at SAP Concur


Lynn is someone to be counted on, come hell or high water

I’ve never met someone who worked harder, cared more, or went the extra mile quite like Lynn.

Her attitude is always “can do” and she is someone to be counted on, come hell or high water!

Rebecca Lashley, Marketing Manager at Terex

Out-of-the-box ideas to solve any issue

There’s isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t use a process or skill I learned from Lynn.

  • Learning how a successful person handles emails and calls
  • Confidence to conduct successful sales calls (and sell)
  • Out-of-the-box ideas to solve any issues I come up against

Aaron Wubbenhorst, Manager at AAA

Lynn is a great source of inspiration

Ms Lynn has been a great source of inspiration.

She has helped me to come out of self-doubt and fear of failure. I got a great deal of advice from her regarding career choices.

Thanks Lynn!

Shalu Pathania



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