Product Development with Peterman Design Firm's Ian Peterma‪n‬

Product Development with Peterman Design Firm’s Ian Peterma‪n‬

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We all need a little inspiration when we’re building our businesses and sales careers. That’s why we do the Future Forward Sales podcast – to feature business leaders who are succeeding in their fields. Their stories can provide just the inspiration hit you need.

Learn how you can master product development with Ian Peterman by watching the episode below!

This episode features Ian Peterman, Founder and CEO of Peterman Design Firm. Ian has grown the Firm from an army of one – himself – in 2017 to now having a team of designers, engineers, artists, business consultants, and marketing experts. Peterman Design Firm helps their clients and their companies reach their full potential by supporting them in evolving their brand and developing new products that best serve their clients. The Firm also prides itself in offering visionaries and startups full-service support in the launch of their company from early ideas to their first sales. The firm’s mission is to be the global leader in the design and launch of innovative and sustainable technologies, products, and brands.

We wanted to know more about what Ian brings to the table as a product developer, so we asked him

  1. How he got into product design and development;
  2. How Ian and his team create fresh opportunities for his clients;
  3. The areas in which he remains flexible and innovative;
  4. What sets Peterman Design Firm apart from the rest of the industry;
  5. Where Ian sees Peterman Design Firm in a few years and how he will reach that goal; and
  6. What he is most passionate about.

To learn from Ian’s expertise in how to best serve your clients, check out this episode! Ian is bound to inspire you to take your product and brand to the next level!

If you want to hear more from Ian, you can find him on LinkedIn and Twitter. You can also check out Peterman Design Firm on their website, Facebook, and Instagram!

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