Professional Skills with The Career Toolkit's Mark Herschber‪g‬

Professional Skills with The Career Toolkit’s Mark Herschber‪g‬

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When it comes to building a business, a dash of inspiration can go a long way. That’s why we created the Future Forward Sales podcast; each episode features a new guest who shares their experience in creating a successful company. Each story is a treasure trove of inspiration!

Watch this epside to get inspired by Mark Herschberg’s truth bombs about professional skills and education!

This episode is all about Mark Herschberg, author of The Career Toolkit: Essential Skills for Success That No One Taught You, which just came out on January 5th. He’s spent his career launching and developing new ventures at startups and Fortune 500s and in academia. Mark has a M.Eng. in electrical engineering & computer science, and he teaches annually at MIT. He helped to start the Undergraduate Practice Opportunities Program, and, at Harvard Business School, he helped create a platform used to teach finance at prominent business schools. Mark was also one of America’s top-ranked ballroom dancers and is known for his annual Halloween parties – although not this last year, of course! 

We wanted to hear more about Mark’s eclectic career and journey, so we asked him

  1. How he decided to write The Career Toolkit;
  2. How Mark’s book can inspire new opportunities for readers;
  3. How he stays flexible and thinks outside the box;
  4. What sets The Career Toolkit apart from other career guidance books;
  5. What Mark wants to be doing a few years from now and how he will make that happen; and
  6. What he is most passionate about.

To learn why professional and career students are not taught real professional skills, listen to this episode of the Future Forward Sales podcast!

We bet you want to hear more from and about Mark! Good news: You can find him at his website and on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. And don’t forget to check out The Career Toolkit!

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