Real Estate Center with REC Canada's Jas Takhar

Real Estate Centre with REC Canada’s Jas Takhar

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Future Forward Sales is all about helping our clients and customers reach new heights with their businesses and sales. As part of this mission, our podcast provides inspiration to listeners by highlighting business leaders who have taken their own start-ups from start to summit.

Learn about the complexities of real estate with Jas Takhar!

In this episode, Jas Takhar shares his story of becoming a mentor, top realtor, author, and investor. Jas co-founded the Real Estate Centre (REC) Canada and has successfully propelled his team to the 1st place position in Canada under Royal LePage. Jas specializes in helping investors build out their real estate portfolios. He is also the author of Real Estate Intelligence and host of the REC Experience podcast. Jas also hosts a daily Instagram Live show called “Nite Cap with Jas” where he answers his followers’ questions. Jas is passionate about educating and motivating people about real estate.

We wanted to learn more about Jas’s journey from the start of his career to his success with REC Canada, so we asked him

  1. How he became interested in real estate;
  2. How Jas comes up with new opportunities for his customers;
  3. How he creates innovation in real estate;
  4. What makes REC Canada so competitive;
  5. How Jas will move REC Canada forward in the next few years; and
  6. What he is most passionate about.

To find out more about Jas’s secrets to success, check out our interview! You are bound to get some inspiration and motivation.

If you want to learn more from Jas, you can find him on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. You can also find him on his personal website and on REC Canada where you can get his free book!

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