Sales Enablement with Luis Báez

Sales Enablement with Luis Báez

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With each episode of the Future Forward Sales podcast, we put the spotlight on a business leader who built their company from the ground up. These stories show the diverse ways in which these leaders were able to forge their paths – and hopefully provide a little inspiration for the listeners!

Find out how Luis Báez enables better sales results – while staying true to himself – by watching our interview!

Luis Báez is an entrepreneur, sales executive, and unwavering optimist who’s obsessed with helping others build a business they’re proud of. Despite being an introvert, Luis ended up working in sales. Luis is able to build genuine trust and help people around him, and has been recruited to work at some of the most influential companies in history — including LinkedIn, Google, Uber, and Tesla. A first generation immigrant from the Bronx, Luis taught himself how to sell, which has led him to launch his own business, through which he makes serious impact in the lives of the people he serves. He designed his business around doing exactly what he loves in an ethical and impactful way.

To learn more about Luis’s approach to sales, we asked him

  1. How he got into sales;
  2. How he creates fresh opportunities to best serve his clients;
  3. How Luis remains flexible and thinks innovatively;
  4. What sets him apart from other sales trainers;
  5. Where he sees his business in a few years and how he plans to get there; and
  6. What Luis is most passionate about.

To find out how Luis approaches sales differently from his competition, listen to our interview!

If you want to hear more from Luis, you can check out his website and find him on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram!

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