Scotch and Socks with Victory Media's Dayne Kuhlman‪n‬

Scotch and Socks with Victory Media’s Dayne Kuhlman‪n‬

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We do the Future Forward Sales podcast for one simple reason: To inspire our audience to start their own business, grow their business, and excel in their sales careers. Each episode introduces a different business leader who has founded, grown, and adapted their own companies to become successful.

Interested in innovative marketing? Watch our interview with Dayne Kuhlmann of Victory Media to hear how he shakes up the norm:

In this episode, we meet Dayne Kuhlmann, Founder and CEO of Victory Media. After being passionately involved in marketing for nearly a decade, Dayne saw a need to create something new and different. So, Dayne founded Victory Media, a company that combines a comprehensive marketing strategy with cutting edge brand development packages and implementation plans. The team specializes in managing their clients’ social media accounts and making sure their online presence matches their business culture and goals. They do all this so their clients capture their markets and take their businesses to the next level. 

We wanted to hear more about the Dayne’s mission to shake up marketing, so we asked him

  1. How he got into marketing and how he decided to found Victory Media;
  2. How Dayne and his team create fresh opportunities to best serve their clients;
  3. Where he values innovation;
  4. What makes up Victory Media’s “secret sauce” that sets them apart from the industry;
  5. Where Dayne sees Victory Media in a few year and what the journey there will look like; and
  6. What he is most passionate about.

Learn how Dayne puts the winning back in Victory with a passion for marketing! Listen to the interview:

To learn more about Dayne’s innovative vision for creative marketing, you can find him on LinkedIn and Instagram. You can also check out Victory Media on LinkedIn and Facebook!

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