Seamless and Integrated Operations, Development, and Marketing with Apptentive's Patrick McNulty

Seamless and Integrated Operations, Development, and Marketing with Apptentive’s Patrick McNulty

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Check out our interview with Patrick McNulty of Apptentive here:

Patrick McNulty is the Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Apptentive, a company focused on helping marketers, product managers, and customer experience leaders best serve their customers by providing historical insights into brand loyalty and shifting emotions to support customer-centric decisions. As the VP of Sales & Marketing, Patrick is in charge of lead generation, new deal creation, retention, and more. In this episode, he tells us about how to integrate operations, product development, and product marketing to streamline the customer experience and increase satisfaction.

In order to learn more about what Patrick does and how he improves customer satisfaction, we asked him:

  1. How he found himself working in sales and marketing;
  2. How Patrick innovates new opportunities to serve his customers;
  3. The ways in which he uses his flexibility and thinks outside the box;
  4. What sets Patrick and Apptentive apart from the competition;
  5. Where he sees Apptentive in the next few years and what he’s going to do to make that vision happen; and
  6. What Patrick is most passionate about.

If you’re interested in learning how Patrick streamlines customer experiences to improve their satisfaction, listen to the episode! He provides a wealth of knowledge and insights.

If you are interested in learning more about Patrick and learning from his insights, you can find him on LinkedIn.

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