Staffing and Recruiting with Blake Rian Consulting's Suzanne O'Brien Justic‪e‬

Staffing and Recruiting with Blake Rian Consulting’s Suzanne O’Brien Justic‪e‬

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Watch our interview with Suzanne O’Brien Justice to hear her unique approach to staffing and recruiting!

This episode features Suzanne O’Brien Justice, CEO of Blake Rian Consulting and author of Women in Business: Leading the Way. Suzanne built a career over 14 years helping top staffing companies grow and build long-term professional teams nationally. Aftering mastering her craft and consistently making the highest quality matches between job-seeker and employer, Suzanne decided to incorporate her vision of building meaningful, long-lasting relationships into company Blake Rian Consulting. Blake Rian’s main goal is to partner with their clients and candidates and truly understand what each side is looking to achieve during the hiring process. Suzanne believes that, although a resume is important, sharing candidates’ stories with her clients can bring clarity to what a candidate can contribute. 

We wanted to learn more about how Suzanne finds perfect matches between clients and candidates, so we asked her

  1. How she got into staffing;
  2. How Suzanne provides novel opportunities for both her clients and candidates;
  3. Where she stays flexible and innovative in her work;
  4. What sets Blake Rian apart from other staffing companies;
  5. Where Suzanne sees Blake Rian in a few years and how she envisions her journey there; and
  6. What she is most passionate about.

Learn more about how Suzanne centers candidates’ stories when matching candidates with client companies by listening to this episode!

If you want to learn more about Blake Rian Consulting, you can find them on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also find Suzanne on LinkedIn and get her book, Women in Business: Leading the Way.

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