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How to Build Quality Relationships with Virtual Meetings

In Blog, Tier 1 by Lynn Whitbeck

Virtual meetings are today’s touchstone; I myself partake in multiple virtual meetings each day. It’s undeniable that virtual meetings are far safer with COVID-19, and more convenient without the travel time and associated vicissitudes. They are an excellent method of building our relationships with prospects, clients, and our internal team. Therefore, our sales success requires us to take advantage of …

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Women, This is the Secret to Gain Valuable Career Skills

In Blog, Tier 2 by Lynn Whitbeck

Here’s the secret to advancing your profession and learning invaluable career skills: sales training. Sales training teaches women key attributes needed to overcome obstacles and achieve our objectives. It’s a game changer, even for those who aren’t in a sales position. Core sales training covers conflict, negotiation, relationships, presentation, persuasion, and the ask. Each of these are foundational building blocks …