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How 11 Power Skills Will Swiftly Boost Your Career

In Blog, Tier 1 by Future Forward Sales

In 2019, we were glad to have sales leader Patrick Carter join us for a podcast about the retail apocalypse. That discussion went so well that we now get Patrick back for a whole 12-part series! To kick off this series, he and our CEO Lynn introduce listeners to the 11 power skills you need to boost your sales career. …

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Women, This is the Secret to Gain Valuable Career Skills

In Blog, Tier 2 by Lynn Whitbeck

Here’s the secret to advancing your profession and learning invaluable career skills: sales training. Sales training teaches women key attributes needed to overcome obstacles and achieve our objectives. It’s a game changer, even for those who aren’t in a sales position. Core sales training covers conflict, negotiation, relationships, presentation, persuasion, and the ask. Each of these are foundational building blocks …