Tech Entrepreneur with Logic Inbound's Vlad Mkrtumya‪n‬

Tech Entrepreneur with Logic Inbound’s Vlad Mkrtumya‪n‬

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Success requires motivation, and motivation needs inspiration. That’s why we do the Future Forward Sales podcast – to provide our audience with the inspiration they need to achieve their goals. This inspiration comes in the form of business leaders who share their stories of building their companies up to reach great heights.

Check out our conversations with Vlad Mkrtumyan of Logic Inbound to learn about his journey to building a fast-growing SEO agency!

This episode’s inspiring guest is Vlad Mkrtumyan, CEO of Logic Inbound. Vlad is a serial entrepreneur, search engine marketing evangelist, and a passionate networker. He began his entrepreneurial odyssey as a teenager, and each company that Vlad has started has been bigger and more ambitious than the last. Logic Inbound is his biggest, most ambitious venture yet! Logic Inbound is an SEO and Marketing Agency that has made a massive impact for its fellow vendors, partners, and customers. The SEO business is highly competitive, but Vlad and his team have propelled Logic Inbound into a fast growing SEO agency in Seattle.

We wanted to hear more about Vlad’s journey with Logic Inbound, so we asked him

  1. How he got into marketing and SEO optimization;
  2. How Logic Inbound creates novel opportunities for their clients;
  3. The areas in which Vlad stays innovative;
  4. What sets Logic Inbound apart from other SEO agencies;
  5. Where Vlad sees Logic Inbound in a few years and what steps he’ll take to get there; and
  6. What Vlad is most passionate about.

Find out why care is the the #1 value at Logic Inbound by listening to our interview with Vlad!

To learn more about Logic Inbound, find them online and at LinkedIn. While you’re there, you can also connect with Vlad!

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