Tech Solutions in the Alcoholic Beverage Industry with Bottlecapps' Corey Gerstner

Tech Solutions in the Alcoholic Beverage Industry with Bottlecapps’ Corey Gerstner

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Check out this episode of the Future Forward Sales podcast to learn more about Tech Solutions in the Alcoholic Beverage Industry with Bottlecapps’ Corey Gerstner!

This week, we got to speak with Corey Gerstner, Vice President of Business Development at Bottlecapps – Liquor Store Solutions. Bottlecapps is a connection and communications tool that helps liquor stores connect to customers, create loyalty, and grow their sales. The team caters to the technological needs and provides the most functional and cutting-edge solutions possible to our partners in the beer/wine/liquor industry. They do this through their mobile and web applications and in-store marketing strategies. In his role as VP of Business Development, Corey has personally led the branding, sales, and marketing teams at Bottlecapps. 

To learn more about Corey and Bottlecapps, we asked him

  1. How he decided to focus on marketing for the beer/wine/liquor industry;
  2. How Bottlecapps creates fresh opportunities for their customers;
  3. The areas in which Corey stays innovative;
  4. What sets Bottlecapps apart from their competitors;
  5. Where Corey sees Bottlecapps in a few years and how he plans to get there; and
  6. What he is most passionate about.

To learn more about how Corey has found success in serving the beer/wine/liquor industry, listen to our interview below!

To learn more about Bottlecapps, you can check them on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also find Corey on LinkedIn!

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