The Best Self with Elite Sales Institute's Patrick Carter

The Best Self with Elite Sales Institute’s Patrick Carter

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Our mission at Future Forward Sales is to promote the sales success of our clients and audience. The Future Forward Sales podcast is just one of the ways we accomplish this – each episode features a business leader as they tell their story from start to success.

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In this episode, Sales Expert Patrick Carter shares his story of how we went from selling electronics in the mid-1980s to founding the Elite Sales Institute. Patrick has held sales as a crucial part of his life since his electronics days and has been honing and perfecting his craft in the intervening decades. He knows that ethics are at least as important as profits in a successful sales career and that enthusiasm is key when closing the sale. He brings these wisdoms and more to his Elite Sales Institute, where he coaches high-performing sales professionals in reaching their full potential.

To gain clarity about Patrick’s journey, we asked him the usual questions:

  1. How did you begin sales and sales coaching?
  2. How do you create fresh opportunities to best serve your clients?
  3. How do you remain flexible to think outside the box?
  4. What sets you apart from other sales coaches?
  5. Where do you see Elite Sales Institute in the next few years, and how will you ensure that vision comes true?
  6. What are you most passionate about?

To learn Patrick’s answers to these questions and learn more, beck out the episode below! Patrick’s story will certainly inspire you to reach new heights in sales.

If you want to learn more about Patrick, you can find him on LinkedIn and check out the Elite Sales Institute website

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