The Value of Relationships with Eleven 11 Solutions' Jonni Ressle‪r‬

The Value of Relationships with Eleven 11 Solutions’ Jonni Ressle‪r‬

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Sometimes you have to see it to believe it; that’s why we do the Future Forward Sales podcast! We spotlight entrepreneurs who have built their businesses from the ground up to find success. These people are proof positive that you, too, can grow a successful business! Are you feeling motivated yet?

Learn why Jonni Ressler values relationships so much by watching our interview below!

This week, we meet Jonni Ressler, CEO of Eleven 11 Solutions. She believes successful marketing is another form of storytelling and that relationship is everything. Relationships with consultants, clients, partners and her entire team have been the driving force behind the natural growth of Eleven 11 Solutions. Jonni founded Eleven 11 Solutions with the knowledge that good people know good people, and as a result of that philosophy, her company has doubled each year since inception in 2016 as a referral only business. When she’s not leading Eleven 11 Solutions and actively supporting her family and their respective interests, you can find Jonni on stage doing improv.

To learn more about how Jonni built her successful company, we asked her

  1. How she got into marketing consulting;
  2. What Jonni does to create fresh opportunities to best serve her clients;
  3. Where she maintains flexible thinking to allow for innovation;
  4. What sets Eleven 11 Solutions apart from other consulting firms;
  5. Where Jonni envisions her company being in a few years and how she’ll get there; and
  6. What she is most passionate about.

To find out what makes Jonni and her team so special in the work of marketing, listen to this episode of the Future Forward Sales podcast!

If you want to learn more about Eleven 11 Solutions, you can find them on LinkedIn, Instagram, and, of course, their website! You can also connect with Jonni Ressler on LinkedIn.

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