Video Blogging For Business with Video Socials' Vikram Rajan

Video Blogging For Business with Video Socials’ Vikram Rajan

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Business leaders are often able to provide valuable insight on achieving sales success just by telling their stories. That’s why the Future Forward Sales podcast brings you a new business leader in each episode to tell us about their journeys.

Learn about Vik’s journeyy to success by watching the episode!

In our sixth episode, Vikram Rajan shares how he decided to co-found and then expanded that business with Vik and his co-founder Mark Bullock know that providing education and informative content through blogging is vital in strengthening professional relationships. was borne of frustration when marketing clients of Vik’s previous company, Practice Marketing, Inc., refused to consistently create blog posts. Through, Vik and his team interview their clients and produce articles based on those interviews for the client’s blog. expands this service into video blogging. At his companies, Vik specializes in serving CPAs and attorneys and their professional code of conduct, ethics, and model rules.

To learn more about Vik’s exciting journey, we asked

  1. How Vik got into marketing and blogging;
  2. How he and his team create novel opportunities in serving their clients;
  3. How Vik pushes boundaries and thinks outside the box for his clients;
  4. What makes and different from their competitors;
  5. Where Vik envisions his businesses to be in a few years and what he will do to reach those destinations; and
  6. What he is most passionate about.

Vik has created multiple successful businesses. Check out the episode below to learn his secrets for progress!

If you want to hear more from Vik, you can connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter. You can also check out and to learn more about his services!

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