Virtual Staffing with Get Staffed Up's Brett Trembl‪y‬

Virtual Staffing with Get Staffed Up’s Brett Trembl‪y‬

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Learn about Brett Trembly and how virtual staffing can make entrepreneurship fun!

This episode features Brett Trembly of Get Staffed Up. GSU works with their clients – primarily lawyers – to decrease their labor costs by providing offshore virtual assistants (‘Staffers’). With GSU as the technical employer for these Staffers, their clients are alleviated of their responsibility for worker’s compensation, liability insurance, overtime, discrimination, other false claim exposure, etc. GSU’s goal is to allow business owners to focus on the fun parts of entrepreneurship by delegating 80% of their tasks to the offshore Staffers.

To learn more about Brett and his work with Get Staffed Up, we asked

  1. How he got interested in virtual, offshore recruitment and staffing;
  2. How GSU creates french opportunities to best serve their clients;
  3. Where Brett leverages flexibility to think outside the box;
  4. What makes up the “secret sauce” that sets GSU apart from the industry;
  5. Where Brett sees Get Staffed Up in the next few years and what his plans are to make that vision happen; and
  6. What Brett is most passionate about.

To learn more about Brett and how offshoring labor can reduce a start-up’s overhead costs, listed to the podcast!

If you want to hear more about GSU, find them on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can also connect with Brett on LinkedIn!

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